TAH offers instructions and conferences in the following areas:

Technology, Business management, Languages, Information technology, Specialized fields

The current seminar schedule is given below.

In-house seminars are an integral part of our company-focused services.

Construction and its elements
Scaling of devices and calculation of their strength
Finite Element Method
Materials Science, metals and polymers
Moulding of polymers
Mechanics of cracking and failure analysis (VDI 3822)
Quality management
Industrial electronics and Microsystems technology
Electrical Control
Environmental Technology
Waste disposal and recycling technology
Measurement and control technology
Industrial image processing

Project management
Tax Law
International Management
Tourism: Travel-, Hotel-, Tourist industry
Logistics of traffic industry and business
Public Transportation

Intercultural communications
Foreign language negotiations
MS Office - foreign language

Internet Certificate
Building a company website
Visual Basic Programming

Techniques for business
People Skills

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