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October 27 + 28, 2020
9. European Lift Congress Heilbronn 2020 (ELCH)
Challenges and Chances
Conception and Chairman Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Vogel

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This year's European Lift Congress on 27 and 28 October in Heilbronn will deal with the challenges and opportunities the lift industry faces currently. It is hosted by the Technical academy of Heilbronn and will take place on October 27 and 28, 2020 in the congress center Harmonie in the city center of Heilbronn. We believe that personal encounters and networking activities are essential elements of a congress and are therefore planning the ELCH2020 as an event attended in person.

Because nobody currently knows how the situation around the CoViD pandemic will develop, we prepare for alternatives, if a meeting face-to-face will turn out to be impossible. By all means our paramount commitment for all upcoming desicions is the well-being of the participants, their colleagues and families and behind the whole elevator industry.

Again the congress is supported ideally by the
European Lift Association (ELA), the two German manufacturer associations VDMA and VFA and the association of technical supervisers VdTÜV.

Professor Wolfram Vogel
, who took over the conception of the European Lift Congress, will open the congress and introduce the specialist subjects.

In the opening talk, Esfandiar Gharibaan will speak about current and planned work in international standardisation in CEN TC10, based on his own experience as its longstanding chairman.

• "The market for lifts and escalators is growing": Ebru Gemici-Loukas from the VDMA lift and escalators trade association, which also plays an active role in the European Lift Association (ELA), will give a report on current European market statistics and emphasize the development of safety and accident occurence.

Dr Roberto Zappa - president of the ELA - will present the global Initiative World Elevator and Escalator Federation (WEEF), which is intended to promote common worldwide understanding and a method inventory.

Dr Paula Casares from thyssenkrupp Elevator Spain will address the topic of the evaluation of the lift product life cycle.

Lexiang Zhang - president of the China Elevator Association - will report on the market situation and image of the lift industry in China and on experience with European EN and international ISO standards outside the European economic area.

Tadeusz Popielas - General Secretary of the Polish Association of Lift Manufacturer (PALM) - will speak about the market in his country and focus on the measures of his association to support the lift industry in personnel development with further training and education.

Dr Gabriele Semino, CEO of NEXT prototype, will consider alternative passenger conveyance technology. He will talk about the hyperloop, which is based on an idea of Elon Musk about future means of transport: levitating vehicles, also called pads, move through air-free tubes at almost the speed of sound from A to B. Pads will be on display in Heilbronn.

Dr Christian Studer from Schindler AG will take up the idea that a great many existing lifts have to be modernised. The integration of these lifts in the process of digitalization and networking is demonstrated.

Roland Hoppenstedt from Ziehl-Abegg SE will deal with the topic of functional safety in his talk. He will discuss whether a new safety level can be achieved with functional safety.

Götz Weinmann, TO of Thinking Objects GmbH, will take the stand that an effective cyber security strategy is based on three aspects: people, processes and compliance. The importance of this interplay will be explained and demonstrated live.

Matt Davies from Avire Ltd will provide an overview of the currently available techniques for lift monitoring and will map out the primary expectations of lift monitoring related to the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance in the lift industry.

Aleksey Gorilovsky from LiftEye Ltd, in cooperation with Stein, will demonstrate the visualisation of the outside world, transported inside the car. Pictures of the surroundings will be coupled with augmented reality approaches in real time.

Dr Nicola Imbimbo from the Prismian Group will present the Internet of Things related to the lift and its possibilities. His focus will also be on the integration of monitoring of components and assemblies.

Günther Klingler from Chr. Mayr GmbH will deal with the safety brakes of electric drives in connection with lightweight construction. The mechanics are obviously only a part of the brake system. Sensors and controls are other flanking elements.

brief summary and closing discussion will complete the 9. European Lift Congress Heilbronn.



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