The Technical Academy of Heilbronn e. V. is the "Institute of further education and training at Heilbronn University". It was established in 1970 on the initiative of the business community (manufacturing sector) in Heilbronn to employ the skills of the professors and the infrastructure of Heilbronn University. The task of Heilbronn University to offer further education and training in an institutionalized environment is also based on a legal mandate. TAH is a non-profit organisation managed by professors of Heilbronn University.

TAH offers a broad and permanently updated spectrum of specialized training, seminars and conferences of varied duration focused on technology areas and business management. Due to the ongoing globalization, a variety of courses have been introduced to include the specific needs in language and correspondence in an international environment.
In general, the events are open to anyone and held at Heilbronn University. If there is a specific interest, it is also possible to offer company-wide in-house seminars. The affiliated companies, managers from industry and professors of Heilbronn University offer more than just their skills, but also make it possible to directly apply the given instructions in a real-world setting through site visits to laboratories or manufacturing facilities as well as accompanying exhibitions.

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